Tuesday, August 27, 2013

-Day one of Gluten Free-

Well, this morning I went and talked to my Dietitian.

My Endo had sent off blood work to the Mayo Clinic

and it came back twice as high as it needs to be positive for

Celiac. I had the Upper Endoscopy and that was inconclusive-

some stuff yes but not as much as it is for most people. 

What she wants me to do is stay on the gluten free diet

 until Nov 12 when she will take blood and see if it made

 a difference to decide if I have it or not. Sigh.  Two and a half months.

I have been type 1 for 33 years and honestly I don't remember feeling

 as upset, depressed or deprived as I am feeling right now.  How can I 

completely and so drastically change.  

My friend Andrea went with me to Walmart and we checked at what they had 

that was gluten free.  Gosh.  A lot more than I thought but we had no idea that

there was so much gluten in almost everything!  It helped having her look 

with me.  It made looking kind of fun.  She said she is going to help me with 

making some gluten free Biscoff so I am hunting for recipes online.

 With my pump I can eat healthy of course but I can also 

eat what I want and I know what works for me and how to 

handle my Diabetes.  Now I feel completely undone.  I

came home this morning and looked in my pantry and fridge and 

thought, 'There is nothing at all I can eat in the house.'  So, I

 didn't eat.  My coffee is okay and my fav sugar free coffee

 creamer says gluten free, at least that is one good thing.  Phew.  I love

my coffee and fav creamer.

All this to say I am feeling so completely overwhelmed and

 numb.  How am I ever going to do this??

My fam has no idea how much this is going to make

 everything  and I mean everything very very different for all

 of us.