Thursday, January 3, 2013

Living by Faith so why do I blog?

So what do I want this blog to be about?
Maybe I should have written about this the first day, but here goes.

The name says it all - Living by Faith.

It is kind of a play on words. I want to write about my christian faith and what it means to me but I also want to write about my life, living by Faith: my life and times, the journey I find myself on, what living is about wherever it finds me.

I want to write about my family and my friends, about my joys and my sorrows, my struggles and falling flat on my face and getting up again to try another day and hopefully find some peaceful moments along the way.

I want to be real and transparent. Sometimes I wonder if I even understand what that means, if anyone does.

So come and join me on this journey, I will look for you along the way.

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