Friday, January 11, 2013

Unexpected Sweet Joys

My post on Facebook today:

'It is going to be 65 degrees out there today and back cold tomorrow - I've got to get outside!'

What an unexpected joy it was to walk outside and feel sweet spring-like breezes and hear birds singing happily as the sun warmed us all.

We went to visit my Dad (who is the best Dad in the world and I am so blessed to have him) and took a moment to run over to the little lake there at Maranatha.

I met a woman there named Dorothy. She had a sweet little toy poodle named Barbie. The calmest quietest small dog I have ever seen. I enjoyed hearing about her dog's talent for pet therapy ministry and how she and her husband were in the military. She's been here less than a year and really misses her dear husband who died a couple of years ago. She was from Massachusetts and she reminded me a lot of my mom's sister Dorothy. Another unexpected delight today.

Of course since we live in Springfield MO the variable weather capital of the US, it is going to be cold again tomorrow and sleeting and snowing on Sunday.

I'll enjoy the memories of today's sweet joys anyway and look for more in my every day, I just might be surprised.

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